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My Next 2 Cars

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I was out driving today, and saw a 350Z coming up behind me and got excited. I've loved those things since Need for Speed Underground. I was really tempted to get one when I got my tC, but I wanted a backseat, and I wanted to be able to afford to eat. heh. But, anyway, I slowed down so it would catch up to me, and then we were side-by-side at a stop light. I revved my engine to see if the guy would race when the light turned green, but he didn't. I took off, and he didn't even try to catch up. He probably knew that he could beat me and didn't even care to prove it. hah.

Later, I was leaving BW3 with some friends, and parked right in front was what I think was a 1960 Triumph TR3A. I had never heard of them before, but it's a beautiful car. It was the same color and everything as this one: It reminded me of an old Shelby, but these seem like they might actually be somewhat affordable.

Once my tC is paid off, I'll probably get a 350Z, assuming they still make them 5 years from now, hopefully without having to get rid of the tC. Then, I want to find someone with a TR3A that's in good condition, and get it just to have. heh.
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whatever works for ya...

btw: that is an awesome quote (ps...)
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