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My Flint Mica Tc

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nice man, i also have a flint mica tc pictures are somewhere around here.. have you bought anything else for it? alarm maybe?

welcome to the site!
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I would suggest you edit out your link with your referer ID in it if you want to stay here long. We don't tolerate that around here.
Thank your greg, and to pillsken, i really dont see the problem with my link. It helps everyone out including you!
geoboy dont bother with that guy, hes some online geek who thinks hes a moderator.
i dont think i am a moderator, though. but, i do have to keep up the site for eric, our fabulous founding father and the owner of this site. and that means, it goes. sorry if you dont like it, i dont make the rules, but i have to enforce them. advertising of any kind is forbidden without his stamp of approval. if you want to say something about it, pm to Eric.

sparta - seeing as how moderators cant be online every minute of the day, jake certainly is helpful to us. but he is a geek.
back to the topic at hand.

welcome to the site. hope you find all the info and such you are looking for.
dont like the rims or the stickers. nice FM though.
The spokes on those rims make them seem relatively small, and i think a 7 spoke or so would look better. What are the stickers for? Are you asking for your baby to get jacked
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The stickers are for my rims brand which is tsw. And i dont see how my car will get jacked just because of the stickers??
Originally posted by geoboy@Jul 21 2005, 02:35 PM
The stickers are for my rims brand which is tsw. And i dont see how my car will get jacked just because of the stickers??
im not sure exactly, but since you have stickers and cool rims your car looks pretty modified, also since you don't have an alarm, car jackers will look for that and will prob steal your stereo etc. the tinting is good, jackers don't steal things if they can't see inside.
I however do have alarm where it goes off when u pull the handle. It is a wasp alarm.
talk about annoying...i would set off my car alarm all the time...i always pull my handle before unlocking the doors cuz im dumb
Hehe, my point about the stickers is that that is just one of the things that crooks take note of when they are scoping out cars. Plus since you have tint, which doesn't make any noise when broken, it is another incentive.
Do the ground effects kits come with that TRD thing on the side or did you just buy that and put it on?
No the ground effects do not come with the trd emblem that was boughten. On the other hand, you usually unlock your car befor you pull the handle to get in so the alarm has never gone off on me.
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