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My Flint Mica TC

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And my self installed Tunes and home made cheesy Subwoofer Box.

Here's the Subwoofer on my homemade box.
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Congrats on getting your tC. Welcome to the site!
The first two pictures make your tC look green, but that's cause of the green background and the light reflection.
Thanks Everyone!!

From Wolo
And that's one massive box.[/b]
The box was 12"X12"X18" so about 1.5cu ft for a 10" sub. At least I still have half my trunk and no holes drilled to my baby TC.
you know what i don't really like about the FM, although that's the color I'm choosing.. the glitter specks in the paint.. wtfux ;/.. BSP has some of it too though?
Yep! BSP has those glitters too. Actually, the glitters on FM is what makes it look good for me when I'm looking close to it and the sun is shining on the car. If it didn't have that, it looks kinda dull. Just like when you see it from a distance, it either looks gray or a shade of green.
u should make ur trunk setup a bit more nicer, go get a 20 dollar box and set it up. nice car btw

nice car
Nice job on the cd player mod. I like how you bleeped out the homedepot

I'd be afraid of spilling groceries on the amp with it exposed like that. Think about mounting on the wheel well side of the sub box which is a bit cumbersum. Think about getting a hatchback style sub holder (

The pioneer website recommends a 1.0 cu. ft enclosure...i dunno if that's for ported or sealed. That's a big sub, so I dunno if it'll fit in that enclosure linked above

But overall, you might want to invest into whatever tightening tools exist for making the hatch stop rattle because that sub is gonna rattle your car to pieces! Nice!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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