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My First Pics of my tC

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Out with the old, in with the new...

Thank God!

I must say I'm stoked, and I think the "Pedistal Spoiler" looks killer...

I'm taking Pics with a regular camera as soon as this freakin' rain stops...
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Some pics have the foglights...some don't?
Originally posted by Wolo@Feb 21 2005, 06:45 PM
Some pics have the foglights...some don't?
Is that really his tC?????
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The "house" is the same.
Hmmm, makes you wonder.
also some have the spoiler some dont
whats up
Originally posted by Wolo@Feb 21 2005, 03:45 PM
Some pics have the foglights...some don't?
Since I installed the fog light kit on mine in about 1 hour including answering the phone a couple times..that is no problem there. Looks good to me.
I took acouple of them before I returned the car for it's options, it took 2 days but they gave me a really nice "Ford Focus" rental car with MP3 in dash, the thing had like 1000 miles on it... So the time away from my tC wasn't too painful.
Nice car. I really like the look or the pedestal spoiler. Maybe I'll go back and get that...

If you know anyone who own's or works for a shop, you can prolly get a much better price on the exact same part, they just order it from the dealer @ wholesale.

I found this out after the I bought...
Wow, talk about a drastic change. From that volvo beater to the TC. Congrats!
Hey like the look of the spoiler! I am also in San Diego and was just curious where you bought your tc?
Mossy... purely for the fact that they are close to my house. Otherwise I really dislike them.
Ah, that looks like the Flint Mica that is for sale at my local dealer. The rear pedestal spoiler is still growing on me, but I'm torn between what I like better: that or the rear lip spoiler. Regardless, your tC looks great. Congratulations to you!

My classmate has a similar Volvo that's burgundy and it breaks down pretty much every weekend, so I can probably imagine how relieved you were to finally get a new car.
fog lights looks good, that may be my next mod....
I found myself going 60mph through a dense fog in the mountians. They work great!
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