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My fiberglassed box. It's a beauty

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Here are some pics of the box. Anyone in KC wanna buy pm me. Hell anyone wanna buy it pm me.

EDIT - You may want to post this in the "For Sale" forum.
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Nice! Does it just sit tucked nicely into the corner or is there any mods needed to install it? Why do you want to sell it if you just finished it???
that looks alot like yours alp, but i think yours looks more flush. i shall wait
Ya it just fits perfectly in that place. I put my wires coming out from wehre that little removable thing for the brake light is. I am just wanting to sell it so i can get some cash.

Alp's does look better by far IMO, but this is my first fiberglassign ever and i think it's damn good for first tiem ever. It is strong as hell too, i can jump in it. I do like how i dont need to take out any panels though.
where is the amp??? Looks cool though... do you know the air space? It seems rather small to hold a 12" sub.... I think it might fair better ported...
Very nice for first attempt, I must say. Nice job.

Frost -

Ported enclosures take about 30-50% INCREASE in box volume. It does look small for a 12, but if you ported it, it would prolly sound very boomy, with little to no bottom end. More like a 12" midbass than a sub. But then again, it depends on the woofer specs. I have no idea what kind of woofer that is.
It's an adire audio shiva. I have an ma audio 1889i amp that i hid under the right side of the spare area. IT's in that compartment that is meant to put stuff in. I had to dreml off a bit of foam so it fits perfectly
Got that amp hooked up n it sounds great. There were some leaks where i screwed the sub in but i fixed those.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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