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Originally posted by mickster@Jul 16 2005, 01:18 AM
hi guys, after all my decisions to buy the scion tC, i've decided to buy another car. just thought i'd share this story with u guys. i went down to puente hills (soCAL) toyota and i put my name down for the flint mica tC. the VW dealership was just next door. i was like what the heck, might as well, then i went to test drive the VW. i disliked VW's b4 and had heard of there repuation on the jettas, but the new generation literally knocked my socks off. 10 standard airbags comes standard..that was very impressive. and with it not being pure price, the stick is 18,515 without we're hoping to talk it down to 17,500 out the door (the base model). im not here to clown or anything, i just wanted to share my little expereience and say farewell to u guys. it was a nice stay in this very organized and dedicated scion tC server. safe drives.
good luck.

just because you drive a VW doesn't mean you can't hang out. Shoot i was on the board six months while i drove a vw.

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