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my car's got some winter boots!

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i ordered these off of 15" x 6" rims with 205-60/15 blizzak tires.

ssm surprisingly doesn't lokk too bad with steelies on it.

the brakes are really close to the wheels on the front, that's still ok though right? the package i ordered was specifically set up for an 05 tc. haven't really driven on them yet, but they have to have better grip than my potenzas. mainly i just want confirmation that my brake clearance is fine. thanks
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Brakes should be fine. Remember - brakes move IN not out
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i'd also get some hubcaps to protects your center hub (where the wheel bearing is)..

but they do look close, have you tried jacking up the car and spinning the wheel listening for grinding?
Tire Rack is relatively conservative with what they will reccomend for your car. I know it was offered as a package deal so I do not think there should be any clearance issues. Good choice on the Blizzaks. You'll love them in the snow.
i really don't want hubcaps, is there another way to protect the hubs? is it completely necesary?
oh yeah, driving on 15's is scary! the car wobbles a lot more with out low pro tires. (i need to get an accurate tire pressure gauge though, maybe i could put some more air in to firm them up a bit)
We have same size rotors/calipers as corollas and corollas come stock with 15s, so you'll be fine as far as clearing the brakes.

When I was getting ready to sell my Matrix I ran steelies without hubcaps (to save the hubcaps for the sale), and honestly liked the look.

Looked like that
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The Brakes Calipers should be fine. As KrdShrk said they move in not out. It's just a tight fit. but unless you here rubbing it should be fine. They look pretty sweet.

What do you mean it drives wobbly though? It could very well be your tire pressure is off. That's what i think it would be atleast.
what i mean is driving down the road, i wiggle the steering wheel back and forth slightly, with my potenzas mostly i'd just feel body roll. with the 15" tires, i can feel the body roll and the tires feeling unstable. i'm getting used to it though.
Oh, i dont like when cars do that....i like stiff suspension and no body roll. haha but if your getting used to it and dont mind it thats cool.
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