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My Car

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Well, here it is. I got it about 3 weeks ago. Got my windows tnted and my alarm yesterday so I figured I would take some pics of it. Btw, I purchased the Clifford Matrix RSX 3.5 alarm and love it. I love the auto start feature and the two way pager.

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congrat on ur new car

i see a BSP that looks like urs everyday
enjoy ur stay
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sooo.. clean.... bright.. *AHHHH*
Nice tint!!
it looks good, nice
looks good.... those are some high contrast photos you got there
I think it looks that way cause I had the Sun shining directly at the camera. Maybe should of picked a different time of day to take the pics.
so do u have any palns for future mod's???, hint hint "rims"
I will probably get some in the future. I am a big DIY person and like the look of the painted stock rims that some of the people here have done. But we will see, dont know that I would have the courage to do it. Just rather spend the money and buy some.
Yeah i know how u feel, i could never trust my self to do something to my car
i saw in your sig. that you have auto start, i want to get that. how much did you pay if you dont mind me asking, and how is it???
If you can get to Cherry Hill, Crystal, Jonny Trieu's shop can get you a Viper alarm/remote start installed for a great price. Check the NRG forums.
Good stuff.
OMG i love your car, my ideal tC would have to be an FM with ped spoiler, TRD Exhaust, ipod headunit and tint (unfurtunally here in ohio we cant tint the windows as dark as you can in cali)
great looking car!!! and welcome to the site!!

P.S. in your sig it says "Blue LED Lights" are those lights under the car or in the headlights???
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Crystal, I paid 440 for the alarm. That included the install. My friend paid a little less from the same guy but I guess he got the older model wich is the 2.5 , he paid about 370. I have the 3.5. I cant really tell the diff. Oh well. I am very happy with it though, I guess thats all that matters.

James, I have the blue leds on the inside. I am thinking of putting the leds on my parking lights, but not sure yet. We really arent supposed to have the tint on the front windows also. But we do it and just risk getting pulled over. Its a "fix it" ticket wich if you know the right people it can be signed off.
sweet ride so shiny

tint looks great
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