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My Car at last

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2005 Toyota Corolla-S
MSRP: 18.2K
Sold for [including tax, license, fee's] 15.8K

Automatic however, but I can't complain. I'll get a manual as my second car as I didn't have enough time to properly launch smoothly.

Well, I got my friend interested in the tC, so hopefully he'll be a proud owner and a member over here in YSTC.
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purty nice car you have there man! Nicely done!
0o0o0o so clean and spotless. Nice!
I'm a big fan of the Corolla S styling.
looks good. now you need to put some 18" and lower that bad boy.
how did u get the price down so low?
Salesman was really cool with us. Didn't pressure us, gave us time. We spent about 3 hours there. First, trying to find a car for me [Used or New], then model, then options/price, then paperwork.

To be honest, I don't know the exact selling price. So sorry for the misconception of my sales price on my first post. I just got all happy to post it, (I still spasm at the sight of a tC, however). I'll post the selling price later, too lazy to go find the papers.
I like the corollas alot!! sweet car!, but one thing that buggs me, there is so much gap between the wheels and the fenders!!!!, lower that bad boy and youll have a sick looking car. What Engine is in the type s?
Regular Corolla CE engine. Only a puny 130 HP, but there is a supercharger available for the 03-04, 05 is near identical but an official release hasn't been out; probably be able to use the older ones anyways. Don't plan to slap this on until a few years down the road. This thing accelerates fast enough for me [always been driving a 2000 Explorer, and I just recently drove it again and noticed how tremendously SLOW it felt, also the Corolla is damn silent when it comes to engine noise. Going 50 in a 35 street wasn't my intention, but jesus its just too quiet! (compared to the Explorer)]

Actually, I was pretty happy my car is about some-whopping 6" off the ground because I did some driving on the coast and let me tell you I was going way above the advised speeds on that bumpy road.

I'm planning to slap on a strut bar, sway bar, shocks, springs and change/add internal accessories. Sometime late next year I'll change my HU and speakers, and maybe get a darker tint (pre-tinted by dealer).

It sorta sucks that there is not many Corolla, if not any, forums that compares to this tC forum. Oh well, live and learn.
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TRD SC will not work on the '05 and I don't think I've heard of the plans to make it work. They moved to drive-by-wire in '05 and had a bunch of ECU changes, so SC will have to be updated considerably. Physically the SC will fit, but you will need to come up with your own piggyback to make it work. Not worth the trouble.
Congrats Silver. Now you can put away your Vans and rest your feet
I love the Corolla S. I should have given it more consideration, but my mom drives one and I wanted something different. Anyways, it is a terrific car. You didn't go wrong!
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BTW, I really like your 3rd pic
Heh, thanks for all the compliments.

The 3rd pic was taken at Korean Bell, near where I live. It's a symbol of friendship of S.Korea and U.S. It's been set there since 1976. It's next to the coast, it's damn perfect for picture opportunities or car meets.

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mama said if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all... so ill stay quiet on this one... btw, this suppose to be a tc forum... anyways, congrats on your automobile.
Beautiful don't happen to be Korean?
Actually, I am; but there are like a total of some [random estimation] 30 Koreans in the City's Population of 60K+

I don't hang out with any Koreans because I haven't seen any at my school, other than girls; but we all know how icky girls are, COOTIES!
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