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My Battery goes caputs

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So i try and start my car getting ready for work and click click click, battery's dead... it seems my system remote wasnt turned off. After jumpstarting, it takes a charge and i am able to start it again.. after work i come out, dead again, this time it wont hold a charge.. so its stuck at work, dead battery.. should i go to the dealer on this one? or is it my damn fault for leaving the remote switch on? (yea i have a switch, couldnt find the pin on the stock headunit). whatta ya guys think?
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<Pointing at Quad's sig> I would bet money those are to blame...
thats why i wont get an aftermarket many problems. Anyways, if the dealer sees your aftermarket stereo equipment then they will tell you to take a you just voided the entire electrical system warranty on the car. -t
Yup... more than likely they will tell you to take a hike. Unless you want to rip that all out except for the head unit then go in. Otherwise, i'd say just get a new battery and be more careful!
Thanks yall!
Yeah, what guys said - what is dealer going to fix there? I'm sure they won't want to touch your system, and if they will agree to diagnose and find a current drain by your amp or something you will be out $90 for diag fee

Find a remote wire on your HU...

Edit: And please rename the topic to "I mucked up my battery myself" j/k (tired of people blaming everything on the car when it's pretty much their fault).
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You mean like my defective right rear rim?
Yes, it's your fault. You deep cycled the battery. Buy a new optima. Yellow top. As far as voiding the warranty...just yell "Magnus Moss Act" as loud as you can. They won't have any trouble understanding that. Next time I pull my deck I'll let you know the accessory wire color. I posted an alarm schematic on here a while ago that has an acc. wire on it as well, just do a search.
Originally posted by basilisk4@Sep 28 2004, 08:37 AM
You mean like my defective right rear rim?
what's wrong with it?
Those damn curbs..... somebody needs to put them in timeout!
Yea i know its my fault. stupid me lol. I did finaly get it charged and now its holding up pretty well.
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