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my baby got hurt :(

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i was going north on the turnpike getting in the sunpass lane when this construction bucket came flying towards my car i swerved and it still came towards my car taking a peice of my bumper and the side grille with it. the person beside me was trying to avoid it and then it came right for me afterwards. so my baby is looking all sorts of messed up, could have been worse so im thankful thats all that happened, a peice of my baby is somewhere on the turnpike

total cost for bumper and grille (thanks to my brother) $185.
paint costs not sure yet, they should be painting it on monday.
this happened about 2 weeks ago, never posted it cause i was a little depressed about it and had no pics to show. its been raining everyday so i had to take the pic from my window no close up shots, it looks bad enough far away.

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My condolences. I hate when something flies up off the freeway and smacks your pride and joy. I've mostly been lucky with that stuff. Sorry to hear your encounter wasn't so lucky. Glad nothing worse happened!

Oh, if you'd had your insurance cover it, the bill would be a couple of grand. I couldn't believe how much it cost to fix a minor fender bender on the driver's side rear of mine. Nice move fixing it yourself!
yeah i hate debris on the freeway. sorry about your car. usually i get hit with tire shards. yesterday an F-150 kicked one off the freeway at me and knocked this plastic piece near my tire loose.
thw white tc's look nice with carbon fiber hood my neighbor has one
Sorry your car got hurt!

A branch fell on my new baby last Monday (a week and a half after I got it). The roof above the rear seat was cracked and it totally shattered when I closed the door. The passenger side was also dented. I dropped it at the shop last Tuesday and I'm still waiting to get it back. They didn't put the new glass in right; it doesn't sit flush w/ the front. Btw, the rear piece of glass alone is $900. Total damage - $1700.
^^ouch that hurts!
Im so sorry your baby got hurt... it looks just like MY baby.. (sniffing).. I hope all goes well getting it replaced....
sorry about the car, the important thing is you guys did not get hurt, the baby can always be replaced, you ,you can be replaced
That sucks!! At least it's fixable and you are safe and unharmed!
geez, at least youre alright
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