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My audio system i plan on getting!

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hey whats up guys. well this is my plan for my audio/video system. i was just wanting to know if all this would work and be alright. also let me know about anything should change and what not. thanks guys.

head unit- AVIC-D1(double din dvd/navi)
Equalizer- DEQ-9200
Componenet speakers- TS-C160R
2way speakers- TS-D601P
2x Subs- TS-W002SPL
2x sub amp- GM-D510M
2x Sub for speakers- GM-5100T

alright, thats what i plan on getting for now. then later on in the future i plan on some tvs in the headrest but that will come later so now worries. anyways. Im just really curious if all this is compatiable. I know that im probably stupid for saying this. but im really good at putting it all together and doing the wiring and stuff like that, im just not good at the research part. also. for this big of a setup should i get a capacitor and/or a 2nd battery? and then whats a good wiring kit out there for all this. ill probably go 0gauge just for future purposes. but please let me know your feedback my friends.sorry for being kinda stupid on the subject. thanks, Andy
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well i don't mean to be obvious, okay i will be..

have you listened to these speakers? how do you like them? asking us if they are good, we could say yes, then you listen and don't like them.. that's most important for you to be satisfied with the sound.. find out a shop that has these and listen to them..
Always listen before you buy, you could be completely turned off by the sound or absolutely adore it.

Everyones listening preferences don't always follow suit.
well i really like the pioneer, ive had good sucess with their stuff. but i was just wondering if anyone else here likes them. or am i just buying a mistake, i mean ive owned pioneer, i thought they sounded good. but with this set will i need any caps, or anything different? like will all this be compatible and not create problems. thanks, Andy
I think theres better quality stuff out there for the money if you go say DIY route, but thats just me, and my mentality. my full front stage minus amps, just drivers were ~200 and its the best imo for the money, And top notch.

One step up imo for tweets for me would be going to ribbon tweets, and 3way frontstage. For the money better things can be had, but it takes alot of work to get them to work right, the DIY way and lots of research. Thats just my thing though i guess.

I beleive that if you do your homework you can come out on top sounding much better overall than a premade comp set for 1/2 the money, and they can be compaired to some high dollar equipment in terms of SQ and overall output. But the majority of the trade off is higher impendence, with home audio drivers, and going the active route to get them to work right wihtout passives, and having an infinite amount of xover points and slopes.

All up to you and which way you want to go. Theres really no wrong as long as your happy.
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Pioneers are ok, but im agreeing that you could get a lot more bang for your buck.
well then hey please let me know. ive listened to just about everything out there and i really to be honest like them all. but i just dont know what to get, what would last the longest, what truly sounds better than the rest. and also i wanted to do the same brand on everything. so im kinda limited there. but please let me know what you guys think and list some other brands that would be good. i was thinking alpine. like aplman. but i really cant find a dvd/navi for them. let me know though. thanks, Andy
If you want one brand for everything alpine is the way to go, they are the only manufacturer that makes everything decent. That is what I run as well in my tC.
However, I have always been impressed with the sound quality of infinity and jbl. I use to have my competition car all infinity speakers and woofers, jbl amps, and pioneer reciever, i truly loved the sound of that car.

I'd much rather stay away from one brand in particular and focus my install and equipment rather on what i'm looking for, what i can get for the best price, and what piece of equipment will suit my needs better than sticking with one company just to it looks ok.

If you want matching amps, go that route, as far as for drivers, processors, and HU's, mixing and mathcing is the way to go. One company can excel at making amps, while another excels at midranges, or midbasses, and another at Subs.......

For a really nice setup, and if you have the ability to go active, check out the LPG 25/26 for tweets, and the Seas CA18/G18, and be done with your front stage for just under 200 for the drivers. Another few hundred for amps to run them suffeciently, a good 40rmsx2 on your tweets and another 80rmsx2 on your mids, and pick up a nice sub, and you would be astonished at the clarity and detail this combo can do.

Stay away from caps...waist of money.

Really look into the DIY market away from mainstream companies....i can't advise that more than will save money and reap so much more benifits than sticking with mainstream stuff. Mabey its just me though.
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^^^agreed DIY isn't that hard, there are plenty of places on this website to even help you out. In the end you will save a lot of money and learn a little something too.
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