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my 06 FM chick magnet

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hey all, i am fairly new to this forum and just purchased my 06 tc last month...and i gotta say...its one hell of a car! especially going from a 93 pickup with 200,000 miles to a new car with 4 miles = BIG CHANGE FOR ME! lol but anyway here are the pics, they were taken the 2nd day i got the car so dont let the miles fool you, it now has about 1400. whatcha think?

oh and i just got tint on it last week. i'll post some pics soon
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2days 147miles...
u sure drive a lot

avg of 70mile a day

congrat on ur new car

pics r all dated differently, that last pic is showing 00:03 and the sun is still out
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and the cult grew larger... congrats and welcome man.
Originally posted by Plissken@Nov 22 2005, 10:46 PM
and the cult grew larger...
Mwahaha! Welcome, FM is sek-say!
I really like the closeup picture of the paint and all the different colors they have in Flint Mica. Shows why people have such a tough time deciding what color it is.
It's all... stock!
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nice! congrates on the purchase, and welcome!
thanks guys! flint mica was my 2nd choice (below nautical blue) but im really glad i got fm instead. it's also my first manual car but ive just recently mastered it. i just hope i broke it in right even though i burned the clutch maybe once or twice under 1000 miles while learning how to drive it by accident lol. hopefully it didnt do anything bad because i haven't encountered any problems yet (at 1500 miles) but...hopefully sometime this week i will post new pics of my new tint job. hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!

is it just me or is there a big gap between the clutch and the breaks?

btw congrads on the new purchase of your new car ! =D man i want thoes steeringwheel controls!
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ok heres the update guys! thats right... window tint! i got lumar 5% tint all the way around (including windshield strip) yeah i know its no need to tell me. my truck has 15% all around and cops haven't cared so i decided to risk it with 5%...god im such a rebel

but here are the pics...whatcha think?

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yep, looks good tinted. i would be concerned with my visibility at night through the side windows, but, if you can still see sufficiently, rock on. because it looks super.
Looks good!
looks just like my car. congrats!

yeah good job on picking out a great car. But the question is are you planing on any mods? and if so what kind of mods
good question. for now I'm going to try to make it a sleeper by leaving most of the exterior stock. I'm still in the new car-wanting-to-keep-the-original-look stage lol. but sometime around the this month or next month i will order the magnaflow cat-back exhaust, injen intake, and alphawerks header, short shifter, and more performance add ons that i can't think of right now...and perhaps save a few grand in the next year for the supercharger to keep my 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty. speaking of the warranty, the exhaust intake and header will keep it right? i know before i order these parts im going to ask the dealership or someone who knows. but once my car stops turning heads then ill drop a few things here and there like a little spoiler, getting rid of the nasty orange reflector on the headlights, get slotted/drilled rotors, lower it a little...oh and a new license plate frame to get rid of the david maus dealership frame...but that's about it for now. feel free to leave me any suggestions!
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sexy car
so how much more sex are you getting because of your new tC?
nice car i love the flint mica
tint looks nice too but really illegal
welcome to the site!!!
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lol ved... sex has quadrupled!!! because chicks dig the car...the back seats recline and such for added comfort...dark tint for privacy...and rear sunroof to see the stars for added romance
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