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MTX vs. MA Audio

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which sub do u think is better? MTX 9500 vs. MA Audio x2. ive been thinkin bout the x2's but i know mtx has good stuff. what do u think?
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MTX is better because you can plug it into walls.
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lol, nice reason
lol, i went ahead and ordered my ma audio subs
yea im also getting Ma Audio subs. theyre going toi hit hard
Hey demented your order will get processed tommrow morning, take some pictures when you get them and during the install and tell me how those things sound.

can i get some opinions on mtx products? amps and subs mostly. my interest in them started with seeing an episode of "pimp my ride" where they put an mtx jackhammer sub (22", 369pounds) in the car they were fixing up. i went to their site and they've got comparisons to some jl and rockford stuff. they say that their stuff beats the competitors, but i was wondering what actual people with previous experience thought. thanks. (notice i revived an old thread instead of starting one
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I have always found their products to be cheaply built.
oh yeah, their website also said mtx stuff was "bulletproof"
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Originally posted by EddieMoney@Aug 9 2005, 03:40 PM
I have always found their products to be cheaply built.
^ agreed, and i have heard seen it, their subs can be good (such as the jackhammer in pimp my ride, which i coincidently saw today) but their products are poor quality for the price
not to mention the jackhamer must retail at over 5000 dollars, and at +300 thanks thats enough to bottom out a j/k
yo if those jackhammers were available to purchase, i would totally rock one
Originally posted by HaTeOnThYs05@Aug 9 2005, 04:15 PM
yo if those jackhammers were available to purchase, i would totally rock one
haha, thats one crazy piece of equipment...
I'll stick with my MaAudio, the new models are sounding better and better. X2 and Kores really hit hard.
If you want something that rocks go online and find yourself an old school cerwin vega stroker, an 18" stroker will make that jackhammer cry.
IMO its a toss up, MTX has the rep and proven subs, but the MA's are competition grade and very nice as well. Whatever u get should do the trick
i got the MA audio x2's and i like them but they require too much power to perform like i want them too so im goin to put 2 jl audio 13w7's in the back on my tc
, no ones gonna be breathing in my car
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TWO 13w7s!!! WOW...You must be rich and crazy :) !! j/k But they'll need a heck of a lot of power as well. My boy has one in his bagged volvo and it plays as louder than my 2 10s. You might need some bulletproof plexi for you hatch! But seriously, you're gonna have a LOUD system with those, but if u want to compete spl, I'd go with 10's, then you'd be in the same class as rides with one 13, and your enclosure wouldn't have to be as massive. $.02
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