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MrBong's BlueBatMobil overlay pics

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Woooohooo!!! Thats sexy man. Great car! Love the headlight eyelids and the smoked tales... Great stuff!! I just got mine back from the shop today, had all my install's finished.. I'll take pics in the AM... Keep up the good work man..
Take good care of her

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Yeah lovin how that is coming along like the TRD emblems you have on there too, thought I might do that myself but it matches your car the tails too!
thank you lol, trying to fix it little bit at a time
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That's a real clean looking Tc. Where did the trd emblems come from? and the grill too?
I got the grill at AUTOWORKS ; Grillcraft one pc. upper, three piece buttom it come with black and silver, got the tdd emblem at e-bay, thanks.
Looks awesome! I like everything except the TRD on the front grill and the headlight covers...
mmm that is one sexi lookin beast u got there...hahaha very nice!!! how low did u drop it?
i got the trd springs and i think it lowered it by 1.25 all the way around, i think it you lowered it more than that you need to install the camber
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Do you still clear speed bumps/humps/tables ok?
oh yes i still got a lot of clerance under, but it the bump is really high you got to go sideway
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looks nice.. i like that grill a lot.
Where did you get your eyelids from?
Originally posted by JP'sTc@Oct 1 2005, 03:48 PM
Where did you get your eyelids from?


Got thoses at bluebatmobile, thanks, i try to keep it plain and simple,i got those door sill and they look good, was going to post some pic., but i don't know much about this staff, peace
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Nice grill!!
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