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mp3 cds..

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i have made a perfectly fine mp3 cd, but i was wondering if you can add songs to your previously made mp3 cd.. there is an option on nero, and i have added some songs to my previous cd, but when i put the cd in my car, those songs that i have added do not show up. but when i stick it in my computer, the songs show up and they play. i have attached a ss of what nero looks like and what one of the added files looks like, but i cant seem to change the media player logo to the X. (you will need to look at the picture)
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I use Nero also but I have not tried adding songs onto a previously burnt mp3 CD. Could it be that the song is in wma format? I know the '05 HU doesn't read wma...but the '06 HU should.
no its not in wma, its in mp3 and i have an 06 tc anyways.. would u wanna do me a favor and try adding a song to one of your previously made mp3 cds and let me kno
thx for replyin
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to add a song to a previously made mp3 cd.. that cd would have to be a cd-rw (rewriteable).. other wise you are not going to be able to add songs to a cd thats already been burned..
You know you can have sessions... Computers can read multisession data (mp3) cd's. I don't know about our HU's
y use nero, when u can just use the windows one, quick and simple
but what i dont understand is, why does it show up that it is on the cd, but just in the car it doesnt play? like the ones that play in my car are the ones marked with an X, and the new ones i added are just regular mp3s, that like arent encoded or somethin, because there not marked with an X.
I don't think that the stock HU's play WMA's.
the file is NOT .wma, it is an .mp3 file on an .mp3 cd. NOT a .wma
I will give it a try but I'll have to do it tomorrow cause I'm at my gf's apt. Sorry.
Looks like our HUs do not read multi-session discs. Simple as that. Blanks are 5 cents a piece - burn a new one.
Or get a CD-RW and just burn over the same one over and over.
i use a cdrw, everytime whenever i feel like, i can add new songs to it, ONLY .mp3 files, sometimes i didnt check and "wrote" some .wma file, it would just skip that particular song and go to the next playable one, i love it, so much better than the normal cd
Originally posted by mrc00l88@Nov 20 2005, 09:59 PM
the file is NOT .wma, it is an .mp3 file on an .mp3 cd. NOT a .wma
well you show an icon that shows window media player as the icon.. and the rest are X's so the rest play and are mp3's.. not to state the obvious but... Are you sure that file is an MP3 and not a .WAV file? because if it's still in .WAV form then of course it won't play

Check again, so is it a wav file? Let us know..

If it is, you're going to have to encode it into an MP3 and re-burn the disc..

Another idea.. When you burned the CD did you burn it as an MP3 cd in nero? Instead of picking "Data disc"? I've found that if i burned cd's the MP3 CD option in nero it wouldn't play some mp3's.. so I chose "data disc" and never had a problem (all being .mp3 files)..

As far as CD-RW's.. the tC's HU won't support multisession discs, which means adding to the disc without reburning the entire disc. The disc has to have its session closed to be read on our HU.. So sure you can add to a disc, just erase the CD-RW and burn everything again with the new stuff included..

let us know all this stuff..
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