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Moving soon!

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Well I will be moving to SanDiego in January. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how the pigs out there are about tint! I just got a fix-it ticket out here in Maryland so I had to remove my 20%.(even though every other car out here has a 20% on it. Think the pig was having a bad day!) Well I want to get it done again but not sure if I should since I am headed to Cali. I've heard all about how bad the car laws are out there and I don't feel like removing my tint again!
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One of my friends told me 15% on front side windows is ok in Cali, but I'm not sure check with police dept in the area your moving to.
in cali, any tint on the front is illegal. however, in sd, the cops seem pretty chill. alot better than in oc. im orignally from oc and got pulled over all the time for stupid s##t. but in sd, the cops are just nice and dont treat all minorites as suspects. i guess sd is a chiller environment. i have 35% on my front tint. ive seen cars with limo tint in the front in sd. i wouldnt worry about the tint. i actually heard from someone, not sure how reliable, but instead of fixit ticket, u just get fined, so u dont have to take ur tint off and show chp. im pretty sure u wont get pulled over for the tint, but if u get pulled over for sumthin else, they mite get u for whatever they can.
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