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Motegi RT5

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do you think these will look good?

*wait a couple seconds to load
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If you like the black on black look then yes.
Nice chop. Funny looking wheels

I did have black wheels myself, but they were black for two reasons - first they were 20% cheaper than other colors, and I wanted them for the weight, and second - I did not want my shady neighbors to like my wheels, so that I can keep them and not find the car on bricks one morning.

Other than that - why bother?
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i dont know, i dont like white rims, i would get silver, but i think black looks good. what type of rims to you guys suggest that i get? any suggestions on what i should look at? thanks for your opinions. also, i like 5 spoke rims, or the bmw looking type of rims..
i like 'em.

black wheels pwn. it looks very ninja
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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