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moriarty,Oct 25 2004, 10:37 PM]i was wondering when this would come up. here is the solution to your problem.
for the moonroof.
If the battery is disconnected or run
down, the moon roof may not operate
automatically and the jam protection function
will not function correctly after you
reconnect, replace or recharge the battery.
In any of these cases, you should normalize
the moon roof.
To normalize the moon roof, hold the
switch on the “CLOSE” side for more than
2 seconds with the moon roof fully closed.
Make sure that the moon roof opens automatically.
If the moon roof cannot be operated
properly, have it checked by your
Scion dealer.[/b]
LOL, speaking of this....

When I installed my front strut bar a little while back, the first step said to disconnect the battery. So, of course...I did. I had read the manual, so I knew I'd have to normalize the roof and windows again....

But what I failed to take into consideration was the fact that it was a hot day, and I had the windows down and the moon roof open.
I played around with the buttons, holding the "close" down for a few seconds, then holding the "open" for a few seconds, and I finally got it to work somehow.

Just wanted to point this out, in case anyone else forgets to close it all IS possible to normalize it again.
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