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fog lights

close up custom foglight setup

tinted fogs

painted grill

tinted tails and lisence plate

tinted sidemarkers

i also have a custom cathode setup/ and all those little red "pusH" buttons are now blacked out/ the warning visors are also chromed out...

waiting for pictures to develope...

future plans: intake (CCA from k&n or SWeapon from Weapon R or Injen) Headers once warrantee expires, CF hood or black hood, new uncurbed rims! lol... thats all for now... have a nice day
what do you thinK?...
any more ideas?
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Lookin good. I like the way that you tinted the side markers, how did you do it? Is it overlays?
Originally posted by BlackTC@Mar 21 2005, 08:41 AM
Lookin good. I like the way that you tinted the side markers, how did you do it? Is it overlays?
kinda... well you could call them blue bat's overlays but alot better !! lol...

i ordered a 15" by 30' roll of oracal orafol 8300 translucent dark grey 073
from my friends vinyl/sign shop...
it cost me 30 bucks.. and i tinted everything!! i mean everything
the interior side markers/ the fog lights/ the tail lights...
and now im working on my brighter turn signal LED's if i get that to work
ill tint that out too...

thx for the in put
sounds like a plan!
nice man, good work on the grill, what exactly did you do to it?
Originally posted by BLsurfer@Mar 21 2005, 09:07 AM
nice man, good work on the grill, what exactly did you do to it?
that picture doesnt do justice... it looks great in person

i gave it about 3 coats of flat black and about 3 coats of glossy clear coat...
make sure u buy the spray paint that is outdoor safe...

i bought my stuff at michaels...
ive had the spray paint before when i made t shirts...

have a nice day
how tough was wiring the fogs?? i think the placement of them is better then the optional fogs you can get from scion. i have some piaa fogs that were originally for my dads 2001 jetta (never installed obviously) and was just curious how ya wired..

the charcoal overlay actually isnt' that bad looking on the tailights.. something original.. looks like your going for that smoked black/white look.. whatever makes you happy..
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I think these fog lights look much better than factory. Good work.
Looks good.

You may be meeting a cop very soon, though, with that license plate obstruction.
I would hope so. Not that I want you to get pulled over, but if people are going to cover their plates, what's the point of having them. I'd be pissed if some guy bumped into my car in traffic and sped away, and I couldn't get his plate number because there was a piece of plastic over the plate.
I'm with you, Camel -- I'm all for stiff fines for obstructing one's license plate.
no no no... the plates are totally visible in the day light
or at night with the plate lights on...
the only one that is pretty much tinted is the front one without light...

umm the fog lights
im pulling power from the parking lights
and ran that to a switch
to a relay which connects to the fogs/ the batter/ and anothe ground
i placed the fog lights in the air scoops by pinching out the little plastic thingys
just drilled them in....
and finally water proofing all my wires...

if you buy fogs they should come with directions
you should get one with a relay involved..
so you dont burn any circuits....

have a nice easeter everyone
see you in two weeks..

ps.. yes black/white/chrome is my look...
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I like the fog lights and the grille, but not the tinted lights and plate. I pretty much agree with Camel on why the tinted plate is a bad idea. But as long as you're happy with your car, then that's what matters.
looks good.. i hope a third party starts manufactoring some fitted fogs.. along with some decent grills.
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