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Mistaken Identities

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Yesterday, I spotted a Ford Focus with a VTEC badge at work. It also had some generic "R" sticker that resembled the type R logo, but wasn't quite it. This guy also ripped off the Ford badges.

Seriously. What is wrong with these people?
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that is sad. i used to own a 03 ford focus svt and it really wasnt a bad car but people give it a bad rap. i used to see alot of fake svt focus running around and it pissed me off lol. but anyway i debadged the "tc" on my trunk and painted the scion emblems gloss black. i dont mind debadging but rebadging your car something its not is just stupid imo....

whatever floats his boat i guess
i think someone should sink his boat.
haha two of my favorite rebagged spottings were.. one was an astro van.. apparently this guy ripped off a badge from a lawnmower n put it on his van, so on the rear door it read "15 HP"

another one i see often here in chicago, is the wanna be M bimmers... i've actually seen quite a few old 3series bimmer owners who've found an M and stuck it on their trunks.. i've spotted two M325's and a M318 <shakes head>
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in gainesville i was driving around walmart trying to find a parking space and saw this lady driving a silver 7 series with an ///M emblem. M7 eh? Heh
My fav is here in sac a primered 92 hatch that reads.....


All the way across his hatch
I've seen a late 90's fire engine red dodge caravan, with a big TURBO sticker on the rear door. Retarded.
Originally posted by whosthatrussian@Feb 9 2005, 12:17 PM
I've seen a late 90's fire engine red dodge caravan, with a big TURBO sticker on the rear door. Retarded.
That's probaby legit. That soccer mom needs to get to Chuck E. Cheese's after a game befor all the other mommys do.
Nothing like turboing a caravan.
You guys didn't know about the turbo minivan terror? There was a whole site devoted to some guy in New England with a brutally quick turbo minivan. Quick enough to beat even Scionspeed's car, and a LOT of unsuspecting Supras.
That is so...uh...lame? Weird? Surprising? I'm not sure which applies the best.
A 12 sec turbo minivan I repeat WTF! seriously how embrassing is it to get your ass handed to you by a VAN, I think I would have to kill myself after I blow my car up
Do not let this generation of soccer mom's know about this!!!!
I saw a white cavalier with a SE-R badge on it one time. He had taken a saw to the top of the A pillar and cut the whole roof right off. Very awesome.
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awesome site, saw it a looooong time ago.
The best rebadge I've seen is some jackass at my school that has a Corolla S with a lexus emblem on the back in place of the toyota emblem. He also removed "Corolla" so it just has the big red S. The wheels still have the toyota logos..... Pathetic.
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