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I Purchased my Underbody LED Kit from Emerald City Lites. Install done by Arcane Alchemy Customs (PM Me for Details).

What it is:
4 LED Light bars (2x 36" Tubes - Front/Rear, and 2x 48" Tubes - Sides), Control Module, Remote, Mounting Hardware, and all of the wiring required.
The Tubes (well, 3 of them):

Installation: Note: It is recommended to do this during the daytime
First thing that we installed were the 2 Side LED Tubes. The nice thing about our tC's is that there is a nice lip underneath the sides of the car that makes a great resting area for the tubes. We attached 3 of the mounting clips that were included with the kit (snaps on around the tube, and screwed them into the underbody of the car. The plate there is plastic and will allow you to screw in decently. The screws included with the kit had kinda cheap heads on them, but if you're careful enough you can get them on without any problems. The clips that hold the tubes on will hold the tube perfectly, but you can still turn it to angle the lights in the direction you wish. As common sense dictates, mount the tubes so that the power/control wire points towards the front of the car.

The rear light we actually used 5-pound Doublesided tape to mount on. This means no drilling (we'd have to drill into the heat shield.. and that would defeat its purpose), and a very easy install. The light will NOT fall off ("It's just tape!" you say) unless you pretty much hang off of the LED tube. We ran the wiring along the passenger side of the car.

The front tube was a bit more difficult to mount. There are 2 ways to mount it: You can mount it underneath the car for a downward glow (like the 3 other lights), or mount it inside the lower grille (which I did). Mounting it under the car would require some drilling, I believe. We had tried the double-sided tape routine again for the front kit, but that did not work. The car's frame (between the upper and lower grille) was curved in such a way that the tape would not hold. So: Zip ties! We zip-tied the tube in the center to the metal post in front of the Radiator. This post doesn't heat up, and it doesn't intrude on the light or airflow at all.

Now for the fun part: The wiring.
This is what took the longest. Now, these LED kits are designed to fit any vehicle, INCLUDING TRUCKS! That means that the wires for this kit are incredibly long!

We wired the rear light over the exhaust pipe (not touching the pipe, but the wires are shielded fairly heavily so there will not be a problem) using zip ties, then actually down the brakeline, which runs down the side of the car. We then combined it with the passenger LED tube wires and went through the wheel well. You have to undo several clips to wire it correctly, and then pull the wires through to the engine compartment. It comes out at a small hole just in front of the washer fluid reservoir. There is a small open area in that location (between the washer fluid reservoir and the passenger side headlight), so that is where we decided to keep the majority of the wiring.

The Driver-side LED tube was wired through the wheel well also, and we ran the wire through the engine compartment in front of the radiator. We combined it with the front LED wiring and ran it to the "wire farm".

After using zip ties to get rid of the excess wiring, we plugged the tubes into the plug box. Now to run it to the control box. You have a couple options here. The control box has to plug into a power source somehow. You can run it to the battery directly, but keep in mind that the control box has to be semi-accessible in order for the remote to work. The way I decided to do it was to wire the control box into the interior cabin, and run the power lines so that the kit would get power if I turned on the parking lights or headlights. Since the control box is inside the car, the plug box (where all 4 tubes plug into) has to be wired to it. This was tough! We had to run the plug head into the main cabin. We went underneath a rubber grommet in the very back of the engine compartment. It took a lot of pulling and we beat the crap out of the grommet before finally being able to push it upwards so we could fit the connector through.

Annnnnnd...... Voila! (sorry it's blurry)

After about 4-5 hours of work (it took longer because we did it at night), we got it fully put together. This kit is very bright for a LED kit. The installer has the Single-Color LED kit on his tC, and mine are about twice as bright.

The LED's are directional, unlike Neons (I think), so you have to angle them correctly, but that's fairly easy. Also, the tubes are stronger than neons, and SHOULD continue to function if cracked (Just don't let it get wet). They use less power than Neons. This kit is a LOT more durable than the cheap $50-60 Neon kits.

Front Glow
Rear Glow

In Conclusion
This Underbody LED kit is GREAT! Be prepared to spend several hours installing it, but the results are well worth it. The LED's are bright, there's TONS of different colors, and almost too many light patterns to choose from (including sound driven patterns). If you like underbody lights, this is the way to go.
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