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Methanol injection

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Any comments, pro or con?

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You will have interesting issues with the OEM ECM calibration running methanol, even in a mix. The air/fuel ratio is controlled by a wide-band planar sensor before the cat. Stoichiometric for methanol is around 6:1, gasoline is 14.7:1. Methanol is a great fuel for FI, it brings a huge amount of cooling to the combustion process, so you can run more compression without detonation. The bad thing is, your wideband O2 sensor doesn't know you are running mixed fuels, so it may not get your gasoline fuel ratio right, it may run very lean and be very unhappy if you don't tune specifically for methanol.

As well tuned as the tC is running 87 octane at sea-level, it's hard to imagine methanol will do much good for you without some kind of forced-induction system. If you want to discuss methanol and forced induction, that's a completely different thread.
Meth Injection Specialist

Here's a guy in Oregon who knows meth injection very well and builds his own systems. Send him an email and tell him Lance from the Supra list sent you if you want to know more about meth injection and some of Derek's unorthodox, but very effective tuning methods.
Im going to do an ethanol injection system right into my mouth!
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Aww...c'mon the methanol shots instead!!!
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Ah remember Im 2 years of chem here, Beer has ethanol and a lil bit of methanol. Methanol comes from fermenting pectin. Its what gives u a hangover, So i drink straight liquor, the least amount of methanol! Also drink my very own special liquer, its so easy to make.
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LoL....yeah, but I wanted you to have the methanol so you could go blind.
Just in case you didn't know about the lovely....side effects.
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you know whats funny? moonshine doesnt make u go blind, it was perfectly safe to drink. It was the isolated cases of spiking it with industrial methanol that the media hyped up in order to show support for prohibition that made the general populace beleive moonshine makes u go blind.
Not talking 'bout moonshine...hehe..I'm talking about people actually drinking bottles of methanol....
That's beyond desperate!

If you want another interesting goose chase, look for Nutrasweet and methanol poisoning on the's interesting how some people believe heavy aspartame consumption mimics methanol poisoning under certain condtions. I hate Nutrasweet for other reasons, but the methanol connection was a surprise.
I know of a few Supra guys currently using methanol but they are using standalone ecus as well. I am sure there are ways to run it on stock ecu but it would cost more then buying a stand-alone and going from there. Big power gains, that's for sure.
Not all of them are on AEM or other standalones. I know a lot of Supra guys, I'm one of them.
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