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Meself v 01-03 Civic (non-Si) w/ fartcan

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So I'm driving back to the local car club meet after dropping SK VR4 off at the shop (I gave him a ride to it and we hung out for a while). As I'm coming back this civic keeps flashing his brights at me and riding my bumper... okay... whatever. Maybe it's a high school kid. So I keep going, obeying all posted speed limits, minding my own business, and paying him no attention. So as I'm about to turn into the parking lot where the car club is the kid flashes his brights at me, flies past me, honks his horn, and swerves towards me... That's what did it. The final straw for me. So I break out of the turn and haul ass after the guy, pull along side him, downshift into 2nd (both runs were at ~40-45mph) and look over. He proceeds to downshift to his gear of choice and starts the 3 honks. After hearing the 3rd honk I immediately gun it and start pulling... and pulling... and pulling... that first run I had, no joke, 4 car lengths on him. So I'm thinking "Meh, he let off... we'll go again". So we do. This time, I pull ~2.5 car lengths on him and flip on the hazards and slow down. He immediately rolls down his window and screams at me, "I HAD A PASSENGER! IF HE WASNT IN HERE I WOULD HAVE SMOKED YOUR ASS!" This proceeds in me laughing at him, and saying "Whatever... you just got beat by a bastardized camry." He wasn't to pleased about that and proceeds to do the DUMBEST thing of the entire situation... does a ricer flyby and takes a turn going at ~60-70mph.

Let me tell you about this turn. The street dead ends and he took a right, it's a blind turn for you if you don't stop so what he did was absolutely MORONIC. He breaks traction as he's taking the turn and spins out in the middle of the intersection. After he comes to a stop he immediately goes, and like a moron, shows off by doing a burnout and heading off in the direction he was (I guess) intending.
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Doesn't 100 lb equal to only 0.1 sec of a difference? Say the passenger was 200 lbs. that's 0.2 sec of a difference. You would of had him anyways.

Nice kill!
theres one of the few times i wish a cop was there
Originally posted by buiboy88@Dec 6 2005, 09:58 PM
theres one of the few times i wish a cop was there
Me too.

I see people run red lights in front of a cop and he does nothing.

Ten words: Ridiculous.
Oh you gotta love the ego on those Civics...
Originally posted by Obike@Dec 6 2005, 09:48 PM
"Whatever... you just got beat by a bastardized camry."

best quote EVAЯ!!!!1!!!one!

way to put that punk-a$$ bit©h in his place... too bad he didnt roll or do some other horrible thing to his car...
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what a civic will never lose to a tC...OMG...he wouldve won if he had no passenger...LOLZZZZ
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