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Meguiars NXT question

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Hello, I am planning on using Meguiars NXT for my next wax job and on their website I see that I have a choice between the Tech Wax, Spray Wax, and Tech Wax Paste.
What is the difference between the 3?
I never used a wax paste before, how different is the application?
Which offers the best look? Which takes longest to apply?
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in natural waxes, aka carnauba waxes, the liquid version will contain less carnauba than the paste version. The reason being, more solvents have to be used in the liquid form and because of this the carnauba content is lower. In the case of NXT though, which is a synthetic wax, it is a preference choice. There really is no difference between the liquid and paste versions of NXT. The spray wax is what is known as a booster wax. In other words, your not supposed to substitute one of the other two nxt products with this. Its supposed to be supplimental to them. Apply a coat or two of either liquid or paste, then after every wash mist the paint with the spray wax to restore shine and gloss. It extends the durability of the nxt.
Neothin has done a good job of answering your question. IMHO tho, many Meguiars enthusiasts seem to prefer the liquid NXT wax over the paste in light of relatively easier application. I would suggest for an excellent forum on car appearance care and more insight into the exact uses of their products. As Neothin said, the NXT booster wax truly would have little productive effect when used alone even if used weekly after every wash.

Personally, I would recommend the liquid NXT wax. Almost everyone agrees that to achieve the most uniform appearance and protection apply it thinly 2 times versus one thick coat. Be sure to wait at least 12 hours between coats for the polymers to setup. I would wait 24 hours to be sure tho. Also, it's important to note that because of the heavy amount of ESP (Engineered Synthetic Polymers) in the product, and the duration of time necessary for the ESPs to set, it's best to not buff the surface of the car all that much afterwards. Simply apply the wax, wait for it to dry, and wipe it off until the surface is clean. Do not continue to buff and buff and buff some more like one may do with a pure carnuba. I don't quite remember for sure, but I believe Mike Phillips, (who works for Meguiars and regularly posts on meguiarsonline and other popular car care forums such as I believe), said he notices that people like to continually buff their car after using NXT wax, as if it was a pure carnuba. That over-buffing NXT, even for a minute or two, will just continue to spread the polymers all over the surface and either take too many of them up with the towel, or lead to a non-uniform layer of protection. So remember, just apply, wait till dry, wipe off, and then wait 12+ hours before using any other products on the car, including water. Rain will wreak havoc on NXT wax during the setup time and basically waste all of your hard work.

You probably know most of this information already, but I thought I would be thorough for good measure. Good luck to you and enjoy the process! =)
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Thank you both for the great info. I went out and got the liquid NXT wax, going to give it a try this weekend.
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