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i installed a megan catback on a buddys car 3 days ago. when i saw this exhaust on the megan site (its the drift spec) i didnt like how it looked (angle up)well after installing it, i must say, it actually looks good. and it sounds even better. install was VERY easy.

all you have to do it unbolt the exhaust from the s-pipe. then apply silicone lube (or pam) to all the hangars. unbolt the cross beam halfway up the chassis. and everything comes right off. (BTW sorry i dont have any pics) the megan catback comes in 3 pieces, 1 gasket and 2 bolts. (you have to find long bolts for the rear section) well i hung the axleback portion from the hangars, then hung it and used the origional bolts from the stock exhaust and applied RTV black to the end and bolted it up to the s-pipe. then i hung the middle section anf applied RTV black to it (on top of the provided metal gasket) and botled it to the first pipe. then i used my long bolts i found and used them for the rear section. (apply RTV black as well to this part)
the only problem is, is that the muffler wants to stay right against the bumper. this was a EASY fix. i took the extra rubber hangar from the origional muffler and cut it in half. i used a metal clamp and ran it through the holes and hung the muffler again. it dropped it about 1". the axle section of the pipe DOES hang low so watch speed bumps. also another small problem was that the megan hangars dont have nubbs on the end to hold onto the hangar. this was a simple fix as well. i took heavy duty metal twist ties (like to ones on bread but heavy duty and about a foot long) and ran the through the long bolts to the chassis. (theres about 1" of space in that area where the pipe comes together). when the plastic melts, there are still 2 very strong metal wires the will hold the exhuast in case it wants to fall off. so personally i give the exhaust system a 8 out of 10.
it smokes alot when you first start it up, but it goes away with a trip around the block. (normal with any aftermarket exhaust) just thought i would share this with you guys, incase you want to buy this exhaust.
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