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I'll give as much detail as possible. 06 Scion TC nothing upgraded.

Was working on a different issue and while inside looking up info a torrential downpour came in while hood was open and fuse box lid was off before I realized it and shut the hood. Apprx. 5 hours later when lightning stopped, I removed battery and took out all the fuses I could get out. (relays, 30amps and up and disconnected the harness) Put fuses in rice and both the fuse box and fuses I used hair dryer, compressed air and let sit for 6 days. Out of those 6 days when there was no rain I left hood up in 90-100 degree sunshine with fuse box lid off.

so yesterday, went to start it and see what was happening and had zero power and broke the case to my key fob (my key is a Toyota key with the dot on it). After 24 hours found the power issue, prior people had a lose bolt with my battery cables. Found it, tightened it and power back. YAY! but...

Started right up and ran fine. checked lights, doors, blinkers etc. all worked except I couldn't get passenger window to go down from drivers side but did from passenger. Car running fine this whole time. So I turned it off and started it again. Started up just fine BUT then it sputtered and died. Started again. Same thing. And a third time.

So, mechanic just left. Here is info I got.

All fuses, relays good.
Car starts but...
different intermittently,
sometimes starts then sputters and dies
sometimes starts and then revs and lowers over and over HOWEVER, gas pedal has ZERO response (also intermittent) he did check that connection and thought it was a bad connection because it ran great. Then when turned off and started again, same issues.
lights WERE working, now not
can not lower window from driver side

There are NO CODES because the it won't register. He tried at least 50 times, including manual settings trying to get ANY code and it doesn't read. He said the ECU which makes sense (in my computer but not mechanic brain) however, it's an 06 so the only places I can find an ECU are from companies with so-so reviews. I can NOT afford to take it to a dealer which is why I have an 06 in the first place. he said I was better off with a place I can send mine to to repair it so it's an exact match but can't find anyone who does that either. I've already lost so much money by mechanics, I don't know what to do.
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