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man your battlestations!

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First pic I saw reminded me of a Pontiac.
Looks pretty nice. I still wouldnt get one though.
Ehh...I like the tC better.
looks too short...the coupe version that is.
looks like the saturn redline & some pontiac -- still ike the tc wayy better
To be honest, it's a very worthy competitor against the tC, and frankly beats everything out there.

The only things that bother me, A LOT, are the headlights and the front bumper. They aren't flowing into each other

Interior design is very bad ass. The tC's dash is nothing to write home about, with the white plastic on stereo, and dark gray plastic all over the places, and then dark cloth seats? WTH. But this Civic has a very nice flow between the display, the seats and everything else; the colors are consistant.

But I am wondering if the numeral speed display would be distracting.
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dude i already posted the link!!!!!!
click the link that Hate posted
Looks nice. Wish it had been around when I bought the rattle trap.
Geez that looks horrible!

It reminds me of a cross between Acura/Saturn...The backend especially the tail lights are poorly designed. The front end took shape from the Acura RL or TSX. The first red pic 3/4" shot looks like a Saturn..From the side it looks like the newly designed Jetta. (which sucks too) They should have stayed with the older style. (trunk higher then the rest) The only quality line on the car is above the front wheel well. Inside, seats are cool, speedometer is cool. THANK GOD I HAVE MY SCION!!!!
yeah, the outside, at least the front is really crappy looking. its also 20hp less than the TC, but DAMN! the interior is sick!
Eww i think it looks horrible. Very glad i chose the go with a tc.
Not bad looking. Looks like Honda will be the forerunner of upgraded interiors in eco-class cars. About time too.

I don't think i looks that bad, but we all remember what happened with the new eclipse... in the pictures and comercials it looked awsome... On the road... it looks BORING.
Originally posted by CraniumDesigns@Sep 9 2005, 10:02 AM
yeah, the outside, at least the front is really crappy looking. its also 20hp less than the TC, but DAMN! the interior is sick!
The standard civic will have 20hp less than tC. NOT THE SI.

Yeah the interior is very sick. But I head the steer wheel might block the speedometer read out. Dang. The front is pretty ugly, from these pics.

Reminder to most of the haters: the tC's back looks almost like the Hyundai tiburon and an older generation of some crappy pontiac (don't know the model). I was mistaken twice by those cars.

The good news: at least the back of the tC looks a bit like the new Acura RL (aka. Honda Legend)
i actually saw one of these in person today at the mall where i work, it wasnt too bad but not that great either. the one i saw was a baby blue sedan. i should have taken pictures with my phone but im stupid. the dash just looked weird to me in person... oh well, im sure ill go check out the SI when they get it at the honda dealership down the street
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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