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make your own cables?

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I helped my friend install my old subs in his car, and instead of spending a crapload of money on cable kits, I did it myself...

Radio Shack sold me 8 gauge wiring for $1 per foot. The girl who got it for me ended up giving me about 3 times what I paid for...
I paid $10.
I went to some small tinting/audio place and got a fuse holder and 60 amp fuse for $10.50.
I got battery terminals (with heat shrink ends) at Tweeter for $5
Patch cable was free, because I gave him my old one, but I recently made my own from an old CAT5 cable, so it cost me $3 for the solder-type RCA ends.
The remote turn-on wire was also my old one, but I could use some extra speaker wire I have on a spool, so cost is $0.
Circuit City had 12' of 12 gauge speaker wire for $10

So, when I do my tC here in a couple weeks, I'm expecting to pay about $40 or less. How does this compare to others? I'm sure $5 for battery terminals might be too much, but Radio Shack didn't have anything bigger than 10 gauge connectors.

If anyone could tell me better places to find this stuff I'd really appreciate it!! The only thing I didn't get for my friend were ends for the positive and ground wires, since we just screwed it onto the amp (we didn't feel like going back out to the store AGAIN).

As always, thanks in advance!
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I was going to give you a few places to check if you were somewhere in my area (SoCal). Other than that all I can think of is or Honestly haven't checked to see what their wire and terminal situations are. Good Luck has a great selection and good prices. Shipping costs alot though.

alanthing where did you get your Tc at? i live in springfield.. sorry that its off topic..
I got it at Ourisman Chantilly Toyota. It's off US-50 out by Dulles Airport. It's like a mile away from the Fairfax/Loudon county line. My salesperson was great (very friendly and accomodating) but the guy I worked with a finance didn't really know what he was doing (he was young).
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