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Maita's RS 2.0

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so we just got our little sKooLBuS back from the shop. added a leather package. here's a shot or two. yeah, i know, the pics are big. sorry 'bout it.



the xB's version of social space :

and import hunnies :

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awww man! move the three crows standing in front so i can see it
nice ride, do u guys wear helmets when riding in the short yellow bus??
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We need to get your sign done, D. Give me the info and let's do this.
I like boobs, but can the ladies please stand behind the vehicle so I can see what is kicking around under the hood?

yellow leather makes me want to vomit, but i think it works on the short bus.
Love those plastic stripper shoes. You didn't get any of that girl stuff on the leather did you?

EDIT: That last pic makes me think the Short Bus has morphed into the Muffin Man Express.
haha girl stuff!! yuck, im not sure i wanna know
Is it just me, or are none of those models decent looking, in the face that is?
import sluts never are as hot as you would want them to be. unless you are at a really good show with really good sponsors. then you get to see the girl wearing the 4-point harness as top. she was smokin.

kurker - yeah, i know what you mean. i would never put yellow leather in something that wasnt a show vehicle. but here it was all about the theme or yellow and black. ties in with the exterior pretty well. next up is the H2 size moonroof next week. then off for darker tint. paint the calipers. and a display board once i get the info to wolo so he can do his thing.
Still... I think you may need to cover the entire thing in diamond plating to win anything... from what I've seen at least
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^^^ no doubt.
x*( can't see the pics..
considering the fact that it was since july, it may be that d cleaned out his photobucket.
i can fix that. i moved around a bunch of stuff, looks like some links got severed.
Yet another thread where work blocks photobucket! Fortunately it's only work here. Once I get back home I'll be able to see all the pics when I'm at work.
^^that sucks
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