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Luminics Headlight Bulbs

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Introducing: Luminics, the Most Unique and High Quality Scion Headlight
Bulbs Available. Luminics auto bulbs allow you to improve visibility,
safety and the look & style of your Scion in minutes.

All Luminics Bulbs come with our 1 year, Unconditional Guarantee.

Hyper White $25 Shipped
White with a Blue tint -->

Ultra Violet $25 Shipped
White with a Purple tint -->

Jdm Yellow $30 Shipped
Deep Yellow similar to Lexus foglights -->

All of the prices listed above come with:

Unconditional 1 Year Warranty From Any Defects
Two Free Decals
1 Bright LED Keychain
Friendly Customer Service!
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Congrats on the new sponsor! I'll be sure to visit their site.
What about voltage info?

55W? 80W? 100W?
Welcome, going to your site now.
I would like to appolagize to everyone that we did not respond to these questions sooner. I guess I did not check the box to be notified via email when there was replies.
The wattage of our bulbs run on stock wattage. When you run high wattage bulbs you run the risk of melting your connector, wiring, fuse box etc. All of our bulbs come with a Full 1 Year Warranty from any defects.

Thank you for welcoming us to your site. If anyone has any questions feel free to email us at [email protected] or you can call us at 714 420 2170.
I ordered the Ultra Violet Lights from Luminics, I got them in the mail the other day, when I put them in I fell in love with them. I just ordered the Ultra Violet High Beams to complete the set. These lights are much better then the silverstars in my opinion and they come with a 1 year warranty and free shipping, I feel like I am ripping them off!! Thanks Luminics
Welcome to the site. it would be great if you could post some shots of them on.
I will try to post some pics tomorrow, it has been raining out. If you are considering getting new bulbs, you will not be dissappointed. I dont think the pics will do these lights justice but I will try tomorrow. I also ordered white leds for the parking lights from, I think the yellow parking lights ruin the awesome color of the luminics bulbs.
Check out this thread, they have some pictures of the luminics bulbs on there. Like I said before though, the pics dont do the bulbs justice.
I'm sold.... going to order them asap!!!
Sounds like a good deal. However, I have a couple of questions since I know very little about this stuff. Are these any brighter than the stocks, because I want bulbs with a hint of blue, but nothing that would look like brighter than stock. Also, how hard is this install? I'm guessing the manual probably says something about changing these bulbs...

Last question, are these 50-State legal?
I just ordered a set of the ultra-violet. So when I order I get the decals and free keychain light correct. I'd appreciate it if you could give me a response. Thank you
That's what it says in his first post in this thread & on their site, but on this page it says that's for December only...
Black TC: I just got mine a week ago and yes I did get a keychain and a couple of decals with my order.

1) I think the lights are about the same "brightness" as the stock bulbs maybe a little brighter.
2) The install is extremely easy, takes like 2 minutes to install.
3) Yes, they are 50 state legal
how long did it take you to revieve your order from the day that you ordered it?
I was reading about the ultra violet bulbs on the scion life forum and I saw that they are on backorder or something like that. Are the bulbs in stock or do I have to wait, and if so how long of a wait am I looking at?
They were on backorder, there was a holdup at customs or something like that. But once Luminics received their shipment of the bulbs, it was only about three days until I received them. They are not on backorder anymore so you should receive them in about 3-4 days after you order them. I would email luminics to make sure though, they have great customer service and should respond quickly.
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