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LSD for AUTOMATIC - Interested?

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Well, I tried this on SL..but guys there seem to get all hot and bothered about a $20 off deal on Phantom Grip. Nothing wrong with being on a budget, but I'd rather have the Quaife here goes..


I spoke with Quaife regarding the differential coming out this year. To my dismay, it will only be available for the manual.

However I talked with them about a group buy on a special order version for the AUTOMATIC. They have done special applications before for other cars ( I have a friend who got one made for his Subaru club ).

We would need well over 40 people to be interested in this. Pricing would be in line with the manual version. Once I've got real interest, I will go back to them and talk turkey (price/timeline)

Add to this list if interested:

1. jetlounge

(oh and this is the link to SL)Clicky
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why the hell would you want a limited slip? i doubt your autoxing. if so you would have gotten a manual. do you plan on taking exit ramps at 100mph so you can use it? or do you want it to seem cool cause you have a limited slip
why dont you just leave him alone to get what he wants.
Originally posted by JDangle@Feb 5 2006, 09:27 AM
why the hell would you want a limited slip? i doubt your autoxing. if so you would have gotten a manual. do you plan on taking exit ramps at 100mph so you can use it? or do you want it to seem cool cause you have a limited slip
lsd isn't just for 100mph. it can be very useful for launch and for better grip during crap conditions...especially in northern westchester, ny.

but thanx for your concern.

and if i wanted to seem cool i wouldn't have bought the tC.
what would you have bought?

I never knew there was a "cool" car
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theres a reason my 300ZX-TT came with a lsd, and theres a reason the TC DIDNT come with one. theres a reason my type-r came with one, theres a reason integra,rs,and gsr's didnt come with one. theres no need for one. if you need one more than I do with MY MODS, than #### you must be driving hard core.
That sounds ignorant to me. If you drove my car once, you'd realize this car needs limited slip more than anything once you get it sticking to the ground.
no joke lance...

the reason the tC didnt come with one is because:
a) its not cost effective for the target consumer @ the sticker price for the car


b) toyco obviously didnt have the r&d of a LSD high on their priority list...
I agree, and I'm sure you're right. It's just unfortunate they don't offer a limited slip through TRD or Scion. It gets really annoying when I'm traversing a grade and I get two wheels in the air (happens a lot now with the SS-P suspension) and I hear the engine race while one tire is in the air and just spinning to beat hell. The unfortunate thing is, even a Quaife won't help with that because it is a gear type LSD, and all the gear type LSDs (except Torsen R models) will act the same way when a wheel completely loses traction.

I'd really like a clutch type's what I really need.
well, maybe we should go to cusco and ask them to make one...
hey for the record, im not trying to come off as a dick. all im saying is, is that if your going to be driving so HARD that you NEED a LSD, then why would you have gotten a auto? i see NO list of mods so im assuming the guy wants it just to be able to tell people he has a LSD. and i DO NOT buy the whole story about how people HAD to buy auto. when you get a car you HAVE A CHOICE. weather you didnt want a manual cause of traffic (lousy excuse to me) that was the only used one at the dealer, you had a choice. people always say "well i HAD to buy a auto" why? there heavier AND they cost more,AND their slower... 2 of the three reasons is why a auto shouldnt be raced hard core. and its NOT the price. i just dont see why someone HAD to buy a more expensive, slower, and heavier car. but they want to race it
come on gimmie a break. but hey, its your money and your car, do what you want with it. hopefully in the end you actually use it and get your money's worth
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Maybe I'm missing what wanting a limited slip has to do with racing? Granted if you are planning on racing your car you're going to want the most traction you can get (lsd isn't it either) but just because someone wants better traction doesn't mean they're wanting to race their car. Even after putting good tires on my auto I still slip if I hit the gas too hard so I don't see why wanting better traction is so far fetched. Am I going to spend a lot of money to get better grip in my daily driver? No. But that's my choice.
you hit the nail on the head. just looking for better handling. i've driven cars with and without. and i have the means and the interest to invest in this upgrade assuming it is an economical one. i purchased this car with a low sticker price so i could have a little fun upgrading my experience.
Any further offtopic posts will be nuked. If I get bored deleting them, the thread will be locked. No personal attacks, please.
I have an auto because i HAD TO GET IT hehe..

Well, my wife will needs to drive it sometimes and she can't drive manal. so until we can get her own car, my cars will have to be Auto.

On the topic of the LSD - if you have the money and you want to get it. Enjoy yourself - but i highly doubt you will find 39 other people who will agree with you that think its worth purchasing.
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