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Lowering/Suspension Wrap-Up

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There's been lots of posts recently on camber and toe and all other kinds of crazy stuff in regard to lowering with new springs, and I'm a little confused, but on the verge on getting it.

Is all that's needed after installing springs is getting the wheels aligned? I don't know what all is involved in a wheel alignment...

Sorry to make you guys repeat yourselves, I just want to make sure I'm getting it. I just found out a guy at my church works at a Toyo dealership and I want to go in there knowing this stuff before I talk to him (and not sound like a retard).


I'm feeling the S-Techs, as long as they don't foobar my car!
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Oh, and what are these guys (link below) talking about with dampers failing??
It's not as critical as they are making it sound. From what I understand, when you get lowering springs the shocks are dropped down/compressed as well. This can cause the shock's dampers to eventually fail and require a new shock (or replacement dampers). If you get shocks that don't need to be compressed for the lowering springs, you won't suffer from this problem.

Lo bux, correct me if I'm way off base here.

Also, it's my suggestion that you don't get your alignment done until a couple of weeks after the suspension install. This allows for the springs and shocks to settle.
I just purchased some TRD lowering springs today!, I was going to wait after I installed them for a alignment. From reading things I guess I should wait and buy and install the TRD struts too? It would make sense that it is not a good ideat o have lowering springs and not struts that match. Can any one answer if there is harm with a lowering spring on stock struts?If that's the case I will buy some struts too and a rear sway and have installed all at once. Most articles with the struts have said nothing though as far as recommended to buy the struts with them?. Maybe it is OK, I mean wouldn't it be posted or something?
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Well, if you pay someone to do the install it'd prolly be cheaper to do shocks/springs at once. And it'd be less of a pain in the ass if you installed it yourself and did the shocks/springs all in one go. It's all up to you really

Personally I say buy it all at once, and install it yourself. One, you save a lot of money. Two, it actually isn't all that hard (this is coming from a n00b that had no idea how to do it beforehand). After seeing the front-left one done I was able to complete the front-right, back-left, and back-right by myself with little assistance (DAMN BACK SUSPENSION BOLTS!!!!!) The rear-sway bar is a bitch simply because I was being retarded at the time

The DIY guide on springs are the exact same if you add in new shocks, just a different shock assembly you are doing it to
I believe their is a DIY on here, and if not there is for sure one on scionzoo.
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