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There is a $3 part in the transmission that will cost you $600 to replace. Welcome to the real world
There is nothing wrong with that.

I'm not trying to be a meanass or something, but spring install is not a 20 minute job. For toyota tech with all the tools it will take at least 2 hours - and he will not have time for a cigarette. Plus he needs to know exactly what he is doing.

Proper spring install consists of:

Removing rear interior parts - up to and including rear seats.
Removing windshield wipers, front plastic cowl that covers wiper motor.
Removing all 4 wheels
Removing and disassembling struts/shock/spring combos (that's where spring compressor comes into play - it's a tool that you can rent for freem from most car parts chains like pepboys and such).
Re-assembling struts/shocks with new springs, making sure everything is lined up and put together in proper order.
Putting the strut/shock/spring combos back on the vehicle and torquing all nuts and bolts to spec.
Putting back and re-torquing the wheels
Putting the front cowl, wiper blades and the entire rear part of the enterior back.
Testdriving the vehicle, re-torquing lug nuts
Doing full 4 wheel alignment.

Still think it should be $50 to do?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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