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Lowering Springs

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I want to get the lowering springs but I don't want to pay anyone to do it because it just seems a little pricey. The parts can be found for around $120 bucks but to install I have heard prices ranging from $200-$400. Does anyone know if it is possible to install without a shop involved? Or do I have to shell out that kind of money? It just seems like a waste to me.

Any help on this subject would be great. Thanks,

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Its entirely possible to install them yourself, provided you have a jack, some jackstands, access to a spring compressor, and some friends to hang out with.
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I don't really know what a spring compressor is unfortunately. But I will see what I can do. I still just don't want to pay that extra fee. It seems rediculous for the service to be more than the part. Any more suggestions would be helpful.

There is a $3 part in the transmission that will cost you $600 to replace. Welcome to the real world
There is nothing wrong with that.

I'm not trying to be a meanass or something, but spring install is not a 20 minute job. For toyota tech with all the tools it will take at least 2 hours - and he will not have time for a cigarette. Plus he needs to know exactly what he is doing.

Proper spring install consists of:

Removing rear interior parts - up to and including rear seats.
Removing windshield wipers, front plastic cowl that covers wiper motor.
Removing all 4 wheels
Removing and disassembling struts/shock/spring combos (that's where spring compressor comes into play - it's a tool that you can rent for freem from most car parts chains like pepboys and such).
Re-assembling struts/shocks with new springs, making sure everything is lined up and put together in proper order.
Putting the strut/shock/spring combos back on the vehicle and torquing all nuts and bolts to spec.
Putting back and re-torquing the wheels
Putting the front cowl, wiper blades and the entire rear part of the enterior back.
Testdriving the vehicle, re-torquing lug nuts
Doing full 4 wheel alignment.

Still think it should be $50 to do?
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Yup exactly what zoltiz said

After installing springs w/ the help of a friend I have to say that the $200 that most places charge is well earned. It's not like installing a TRD exhaust or short shifter. I did however learn a lot while doing the install.
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having lowered 3 tC's in my garage now, i can honestly say i dont have a problem with the hourly rate that a dealer may charge, but i do have a problem with the hours they bill for. i would say that $200 is a good rate to charge for it.
damn, i am cheap then.
You're not cheap: you're a trailblazing pioneer!

What a minute....this seems vaguely familiar...
I've been thinking about lowering springs too. It seems to me that installing just springs would be the same work (and same price) as installing both springs and struts. If that's so, it might be worth doing both at the same time. Does anyone know if the dealer sees it that way? Or do they have a set install charge for each part?
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