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Originally posted by JDangle@Feb 6 2006, 12:40 PM
^^^^ if you run 6 psi you WILL be safe. i run 8-12 depending on the driving situation. and the only real reason i built my motor is so it can handle the 12PSI, if i was going to stay at 8 then i wouldnt have worried about it. jsut think to yourself: you already have another daily driver, so you shouldnt have any down time. at 6 psi with a turbo you can run about 247WHP, with 7 PSI that the TRD S/C uses you only put down 195WHP. 50+HP off 1 PSI cause the turbo doesnt use power to make power. its all free. dont buy into the crap some people will give that a S/C is soooooooo much safer. when it actually puts more strain on the motor. i have been doing this for 8 yrs, so i think i kinda know what im doing. not to mention i have 20K+ miles on my turbo set up with NO problem whatsoever. also you can get a ZPI kit for $2850, or the TRD S/C for $4000. you do the math
And when something goes wrong with a ZPI kit and toasts your engine, how much does ZPI give you to get it repaired?

Value is all relative.

8 years isn't a long time. I've been porting heads longer than that, and rebuilding engines more than three times that long. 20k miles "with no problems" is scraps. OEMs test more than 10 times that for durability alone.

Obviously TRD knows something about the tC that you don't. There is a reason they decided to limit maximum torque, and there's no reason they couldn't have made the engine a torque monster. Loading from the sc is no big deal, calling is a strain is a big stretch. Probably as big a stretch as running NA cams with turbo that are not fixed timing, when you don't really know everything Toyco did with their VVTi to provide the solution they did.

You chose a different route. Great. You don't care about warranty. Great. You plan on taking personal responsibility for anything that goes wrong. Also great. Just don't expect Toyota to fix this guy's problems. He didn't say he want to do what you did. His first question is: if I keep the boost low, will the engine be reliable? That's not the same thing as "how much power can I make with this configuration?"
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