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EDIT: for future reference using a battery tender will prevent this issue altogether. It took me charging my new battery fully and driving 80 miles with the a/c full blast.

Hi all. I have a very very similar situation. 05 tC with the 2AZ-FE

Over the past 3 months my cars been taking longer and longer to crank. I threw my load tester on and it said the battery was weak. When i turned the car on it said 12.3V while running.
I immediately bought a 100A alternator and a 600CCA battery. I was missing a tool so i threw the new battery in and went to crank the car. It ran really rough and idled in the 300s.. Swapped out alternators while fully charging the new battery.(3hours @ 10A/h) Car ran perfect, 750-800rpms is what its always idled at, for about 10 minutes then dropped to 512rpms.
When it dropped rpms the voltage dropped from 14.0 to 12.3. If i keep the rpms around 1000 it reads 14.0V but as soon as i let off it drops to 200rpms. Turning A/C on at that point raised it to 400ish but still not enough to charge the battery. I'm recharging the battery now so i can A/C test with a full charge instead of 15 mins of low idle. Any thoughts, suggestions tips?
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