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Well, i was driving down a 2 lane 55 mph road, and get next to a G6, i passed him quickly and then we get caught at a light. He pulls up Right even with me, and the light turns green. I didnt launch but i started off perfect for the conditions, roads soaked, took a quick lead of about half a car, shifted into 2nd, and the tires just SPUN!, must have forgotten about the road conditions and gave it way too much gas. I shifted into third, and at this time his trunk was about even with my door. rode third out untill i was even with him again, but had to turn off, Maybe if i had decent tires, or remembered how easy the ####ty ones spin in the rain i woulda had him! Oh well... I wouldnt call it a loss. Anyone else raced a G6? Do they have a 5 spd or just auto?

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Starting at $21,300 MSRP*, the 2005 G6 offers two models: G6 - 6 Cylinder and the GT. Click here for more info.
Engine & Power

    * 3.5L 3500 V6 with 200 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque


    * 4-speed automatic, electronically controlled with overdrive

EPA mileage estimates**

    * 3.5L engine: 22/32 (city/highway mpg)

Standard Capacities

    * Fuel tank: 16 gallons (approx.)
    * Seating: 5[/b]
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