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Lots of tC chops! NICE

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Heres one of my tC chop examples...

More of tC pictures! WARNING!!! they may take a while for modem users! they are FULL sized pictures!

Hope you guys like them! Enjoy! ~Chu
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How you guys like the VTEC Killer license frame :-D
VERY VERY nice they are all sweet!! ENCORE ENCORE!!!!
wow...nice chops! And welcome to the site.
great work man. love the one with the bimmer grill.
keep up the nice work
I'm impressed with your ability to photochop rims! Looks pretty authentic!

Only error I see is the decals. They should be at an angle but they are completely straight, which gives off an odd look.
That looks awesome dude!!! Very impressed!
HOTTTT Very nice! Welcome!
the bmw one is nice you should try to sell to a company.b4 someone else does
^^ i'll have copy right issues with BMW won't you think?
Without a doubt.
Holy ancient topic, Batman!
bmw looks real good, almost looks like something you could make a profit or two of fabricating the real thing
nice work
that light blue is really cool looking i like it!
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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