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loose interior parts

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lately ive been breaking a lot of stuff in my car. just tonight i stripped the interior to put some dynamat in and i lost a lot of little tabs and broke a few and bent some more then i broke the thing off of the back hatch panel and i put it together and it looks fine so my question is why is this crap here in the first place. if it wasn't, i wouldn't feel bad about breaking it. do yall ever take the time to put this crap together right?
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I think the whole idea is to prevent and in the future. The time and care would be worth it so you won't be complaining later.
Those little tabs break off really easy, I know in my last car I kept breaking them when I was replacing door speakers. I had a stack of replacements I always kept. Just take your time taking the car apart and you won't break anything. Everything has a purpose, remeber a car manufacture isn't going to spend 2 cents if they don't have to, so when they spend that 2 cents it has a good purpose.

I know 2 cents doesn't sound like a lot to you and me but when its 2 cents times 100,000 cars it adds up really quick.
actually 2 cents time 100,000 cars is only 2,000 dollars and to a car dealer coming off of toyota im pretty sure they dont care.
lol, im glad you took the time to figure that out
In buisness 2,000 counts for a lot. 2,000 dollars for one plastic part, now times that by every other misc plastic part that doesn't look like it serves a purpose. I have worked for business that figure up the cost of toliet paper and try to save as much as possiable by buying the cheapest paper cutting stuff they can find. So their employees can't even get a decent wipe. This of course doesn't matter if your goverment then a 70,000 dollar hammer is cost effective.
well if scion is worried about 2 grand for a plastic piece then they should stop making tshirts and keychains, and that stupid magazine they put out.
stupid to you and i but it makes toyota money $$
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well if scion is worried about 2 grand for a plastic piece then they should stop making tshirts and keychains, and that stupid magazine they put out.[/b]
2 grand for one plastic piece but there are hundreds of plastic pieces on the car that adds up quick. So why spend money when you don't have to? tshirts and keychains cost little to nothing to make. Cost 5.00 (if that) to make a t-shirt they can sell for 15.99. Thats over 100% profit. Even if they give them away, thats advertising right there. Wear a Scion t-shirt and hundreds of people each day read that. It takes one word for people to go searching. Thats how I found tC not by radio but somebody had a shirt on and I was like what is scion and i did a google search found the car, 6 months later I am buying that car. So toyota made money off a 5.00 tshirt.
no offense to anyone that has a tshirt but im not gonna wear no damn scion i bet they produce more than they sell.
paintball you would be surprised! I work in a night club and I have seen at least 20 of those shirts and not one of the people drove a scion. One guy said he had a blue one that was in the parking lot come the end of the night I was the only scion tc out there! The others said they didn't drive one. I couldn't believe the one loser actual said the car he owned was mine. He was parked right next to me he was driving an old civic. So people do wear those things. Their dress clothes aren't to shabby but not my style. I have a couple of the pens though. hehe
I have a t Shirt and a winter hat. I got both for free along with a key chain when I bought my car. I wore the winter hat almost every day to work over the winter, its nice. LOL... but about the plastic pieces if you're breaking them you must not be taking your time while removing the panels in your car. Just go slower and don't force anything to come out. If it doesn't come out easily, try a different angle or look to see if there is something else keeping it in place. Or pay someone to do it.
My keychain broke immediately. I know my car is made better!
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