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Looking at a TC

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Hello everyone I'm looking to buy a Scion TC here in a month or two. I currently own a 2005 Mustang V6. I ended up with a lemon replaced 3 quarters of the drive train before 5,000 miles on it (long story)

Lets just say I'm looking for a more dependable mode of transportation with out losing the style and speed of my Mustang if possible.

Is the prefomance as good as the looks? I test drove a 5 speed TC and liked the car? Didn't really dog her out in the test drive so is she quick? Not looking to match the Mustang there but would like to get something that is fun but not like driving a mini van to work everyday. Also can anyone tell me if they any of you are having in major issues like tranny replacment and stuff like that?

Any information would be great. I'm just trying to get some opinions on this car from the owners so I don't walk in to lemon again. Thanks.
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The tC is a very dependable car. The only major complaints are about small issues like hatch rattles, which can be fixed easily or don't even happen at all on new 2006 models. 160 HP from a stock engine is very good. Better than what you'll find on a Chevy Cobalt, Honda Civic, etc. It's decently quick and handles well. Lots of accessories to add to make it even quicker, and handle better ($130 strut bar = a lot better handling). As far as I know, nobody's had a lemon yet.
You should be interested to know that a few tCs have been able to beat V6 Mustangs (previous generation) in drag races - both stock cars. It's not very very common but they're pretty close.
I think that you will like the TC. The car will also run pretty close to the mustang V6. Also, the depreciation will be less with the TC.
tC = built by highly skilled japanese technicians and their robotic counterparts

Mustang = built by overpaid unionized cavemen with giant stone clubs

pretty easy decision there.
the tC is no minivan! i tried driving my mom's van like i drive my tC, and i felt her fingers digging in my shoulder. the tC has enough zip to keep you happy in most normal driving situations. the mid range torque can make the car feel fast. as for drivetrain issues, i woudnt' worry about it with the tC. some complain of rough shifting, but most say that it goes away by changing to tranny fluid to something like red line MTL. one guy on here did have their tranny replaced, but there's always a few anomolies when you have large scale production of anything.
Before I bought my car, it was a choice between a Mustang and the TC. The TC won out b/c of the consumer ratings, the Toyota name and reliability, the safety features, definitely the price w/all the options you get, and personally looks better interiorly than the Mustang. Plus how many Mustangs do you see on the road v. TC's? You get a car that everyone stares at! I had a major lemon before this car too, and I totally trust this car. As apparently you are trying to do, keep researching and the TC will speak for itself. The TC stock totally has the style....speed can be bought!
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Thanks for the comments guys. I'm really excited about this car and just doing my homework. I let my emotions get me in to the last lemon just making sure I don't repeat my mistake.

Keep it coming guys! Good stuff. Don't be shy if you do have major issues I need to know. I know you can't get a perfect car so don't feel by posting a problem you may had I won't buy this car. It won't be nearly as bad as what I just went through. I promise.

If you have any good stories to share with your TC Post as well.
I have had no problems to speak of with my tC...and I am a tC OG.
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I get 26 miles a gallon. I am sure that is better then the Mustang.
tC stands for too cool
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If I get one one I want to add the supercharger down the road. I'll probably buy the car base and add things later. Is there any parts that I need to get on car that will needed to be added if I do get the super charger.

Like the Borla cat back system and stuff like that.
Other then being manual.
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Nope. Only prerequisite for the TRD SC is that your car be manual
Are they even going to make one for an Automatic TC. Why won't it work on a automatic car?
I don't know. Check the official Supercharger forum. I think they had some issues with the ECU.
When you get the tC the first thing I suggest you do is get new tires... or better yet wider wheels with new tires. Buying a base model and then adding things you want down the road is the way to go, imho. My favorite thing to do is buy the items from Sparks Toyota ( and then install them myself. Infinitely cheaper than having them installed by the dealer.

As far as speed compared to a mustang... I've beaten many a V6 Auto. I haven't been able to run a manual yet, so I don't know how we stack up against them. The car is massively fun to drive and I have had NO problems with any component of the car that Toyota hasn't taken care of me with. The only issue I ever really had was the front-right strut blowing on me when I was on vacation (TRD after-market shocks), but that was warrantied so no worries there.
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i bought a new car in april.... i had a choice between a mazda 3 5 door and vw gti 1.8t and a scion tC ... all sticks, all for about the same monthly payment... i got tricked/sucked/stuck whatever you want to call it in to the VW... horrible mistake i regret it everyday... it may be sick but everytime i see a tC drive by or parked or something i get a little excited and sad.... OH WELL my POINT because i do have one.... GET THE tC you will regret it if you dont...
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The tC is a very safe and reliable car. If you have had bad experiences with a Mustang than go with the tC.
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