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Look at this $40,000 Scion TC

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Note: They put down "$4000 TRD Supercharger"... hooray for dealership overpricing.
is it me or did anyone notice that out of all the stuff they put on that car they left the stock knob on the gear shift? That just struck me as funny.
and people thought 27K for our xB was absurd.
Saw this last week. Looks like my tC, only much uglier and with no trunk space.
All that nice Audison and Focal equipment running off an Alpine 9855. Sigh. Why spend so much money on amps and speakers and then skimp on the headunit?
There's so many other things I could buy for $40k.
so if I put $30K's worth of shiit into my car, I can mark it up to something ridiculous? ... for $40K, I could buy a 350Z, or something along those lines.
we should show this to the boss. maybe he will get inspired.
I think they will never sell this car for more then $28,000, and that is a lot of money.
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Originally posted by basilisk4@Jan 23 2006, 12:15 PM
Saw this last week. Looks like my tC, only much uglier and with no trunk space.
Not only no trunk rear seats either!!!
Maybe they're trying to get the money they poured into the car doing mods and then some.
theres a 30 grand xb up for grabs on LI. anyone want? lol
haha these cars are cool, but for me pointless. i dont know about you guy's but having like 100 tv's in my car isnt something i need. fun to look at though
Or want. If I'm driving, I don't have time or need to look at video unless it's infrared vision so I can see through the fog. Even then, I'd want it to be a HUD, not a miniature screen.
wow those scions are crazy...way too much money though.
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