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Lo Bux And Fidanza

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Lo Bux, I got a question for you. im looking into this flywheel business cuz from from everything i've read, along with the TRD springs and great tires this seems like an awesome upgrade that frees up alot of power rather than going with overated bolt-ons. however i have a few questions.

1. does the Flywheel increase or decrease the engine life cuz i would think that being that the engine is spinning less mass that it would be able to last longer however since the engine speed decreases faster too i thought that may have a bit of a negative impact sum parts surrounding the flywheel or further down the line of power distribution.

2. is the speed deceleration drastic compared to stock.? i dont want my girlfriend tossed all around in my car cuz of the flywheel swap.

3. is engine lug eliminated and also bogging? of course i dont mean from upshifting entirely too early or driving in 5th at 20 MPH anything dumb like that. i mean from 0 mph

4. LASTLY, do i need to change out the flywheel after a while. does it wear down?

after searching and reading of all the posts i found these questions werent quite directly answered.

anybody else with this mod please feel free to respond too. i just know that Lo Bux has nothing but good things to say about it and its perked my interest.
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link for the flywheel?
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