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the idle will still be normal. when it comes to noticing when you mess up a shift yes it will be more obvious bc the motor revs up quicker. but its still not going to hurt the motor bc it has a rev limiter. the only time you have to worry about the car going over the rev limiter is if your racing and you down shift instead of upshift. i've had 2 friends do that and it cost both of them the motor. and constant jokes forever from the rest of us
the lightened flywheel also allows the motor to rev down faster as well.

those of you that have a lightened flywheel how do you like them. i've been thinking of maybe getting one in the future but haven't made up my mind yet. i had a friend who put one in his tiburon GT V6 but i never got to drive it after he installed it to see what type of difference it made.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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