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I am 45 years old and had to have the interior blue lights! I must be giving Scion a bad name....

AAR, I decided not spend the the big $$$ to buy it at Toyota and have them install it. TRD's price was right and I had a Sunday afternoon to do it. No pictures though. If you DIY'ers print the PDF manual, you'll see what I am talking about.

The biggest PIA is routing the wires over the brake support. Unless you are the size of a monkey and double-jointed, this is next to impossible. But this step is important as the moving parts from the steering column and the brake pedal do short work of thin wires.

What I ended up doing was routing it over a connector attached to the brake support and then tying it to the wire bundle. This insured that the wires would not ever come in contact with moving parts.

The last PIA was connecting the power leads to the cigarette lighter wires. Try as I might, I could not get their wire fastener do-hickeys to work. So I did it the old fashion way. Cut the ends off of the fuse and ground, stripped the wire, then stripped the cigarette lighter wires, wound them carefully, and then covered them with electrician tape. A good many stereos were done this way!

Here is a hint. Turn the ignition on and then move those connections around. If your light kit blinks, you have a loose condition. Take the offending wires apart and re-do the connection. Once rock solid, it will remain that way.

Another hint is in re-installing the cup holders. The plastic holder they fit into has a protrusion that loves to snag the rear cup holder LED wiring. Slightly cant it so the rear goes in first to clear that protrusion.

I took it out for a test spin over some bumps and nothing flickered. SUCCESS!!

Not exactly the easiest job I have done, but not bad either. The mosquitos made it harder than it seemed. Hope I don't catch West Nile! There are other parts of the install that could be a PIA to you if you don't know how to be patient, clean like they tell you to, or know how to use a pop-rivet tool, but it went nicely for me.

I spread it out over 5 hours because I like to be thorough. I could do the next one in less than two if I had to. My guess is that 2.5 would be about average with some clean-up.



PS - Forgot to add - Kudos to Toyota for making it so easy to mod. So many others I have got into required so much prep work taking out the panels. It just makes so much sweeter to own!
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