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hey guys i just got my license plates in the mail and i put my rear one on, does anyone know a site where they sell the license plate frames for cheap? my tc is silver by the way so im interested in a silver frame.

also, i didnt think the front license plate looked cool, so i just didnt put one on. does anyone know how much the TICKET FINE would cost if a police pulled me over? have any of u gotten pulled over for not having a front license plate? what happens?

Well, if u guys could find a site, please link me to a site with Scion license plate frames. Thanks alot.
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Ticket fine depends on which state your from. I think N.Y. is a $40 or $50 dollor fine. I don't have a plate on the front I hate the look!
not having a front plate in ny is illeagal, and will get you pulled over.
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Not required in Tennessee. Doesn't this vary by state?
Here try this it will mos def help

Sorry its off another board
you can buy license plate frames at any automotive store like kragen (it's $5 for a silver metallic). I wouldn't order it online cause the shipping is going to cost as much as the frame (unless you get a super fancy one), and also you have to wait for it etc
Looks like he got a license plate bracket from Eight08 Customs.

If you're looking for the Scion license plate frames, they're available through your dealer and they will probably cost you around 30 bucks or more. Good luck finding them elsewhere for much cheaper than that, although you might find a TRD one for around 10 bucks.
I rather pay the state of NY than put the front plate on, It looks horriable on a TC
Originally posted by LIscionTC@Jan 10 2006, 03:38 PM
I rather pay the state of NY than put the front plate on, It looks horriable on a TC
^^ tru dat. It looks bad on many other cars like mazda3 but there's no way around that in the golden state
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