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License Plate Screws?

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Where the heck are my rear license plate screws.. Gee 18K + for a car and Toyota/ Scion doesn't give me screws?

Damon what's up with this???

Thanks, K

Hmmm his car will be parked at Marine World....... just kidding!
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That [email protected] least they didn't stick some big ass bolts in the front bumper of your car after you told them not to...Dealers should be able to do the little things you want it's our cars and we payed a bunch of money for them
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I got bright-ass brass ones on my car. They stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe the dealer took them off yours or maybe the dealer didn't install them. I think they are just a number eight machine bolt.

Ok, I'm off to paint my license plate bolts now...

I stopped by Vallejo Toyota and got two screws. What has me griped now is the front license plate holes seem just off kilter enough that the license plate back I bought to keep the license plate off the urethane front bumper attached off kilter.

Scion/Toyota should have planned duhhhh there are states like California that require two plates.

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