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LED Power Source....

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I want to put LED's in the vents... but i have one quesiton for those of you who have done it, i know obviously where to locate the switch, but where do you draw your power from and where do you ground it?
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Well, i just tapped into the cubby hole connection and it works fine.
what do you mean the cubby hole connection.Do you mean that little light that is behind the cigarette lighter? I thought that it had to have some kind of fuse and what-knot to be safe and not effect the rest of the cars electronics.
I'm not a newbie to this stuff i had neons up the ying yang on my 95 eclipse, Underbody, vents, sub boxs, under seats, on the ceiling, strobes. The only thing that i was wondering is for and example the neon kit that scion sells for the interior...., Where do they draw their power from. i can just splice that wire that you were talking about Repo, but i want to make this look professional, Know what i mean....
I don't know where they draw their power from unfortunatly....I'm broke so i didn't go to the dealer to get it done....I took a deep breath and did it myself.

U might know more about the wiring than i do SCS.....I can only tell u what i did.....i tapped into the cubby hole light wires. Yes, the light behind the cig lighter, in that storage area. The only reason that i tapped in there, is because i wanted it to light up with the Headlights.

If u take that center console off, it's mounted in with a plastic clip.....I spliced the wires and connected them to my LED's....I have them in the center and side vents....and I have to say, NO PROBLEMs what so ever.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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