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well i finally got my blue LEDs in to replace the white parking lights. it was a super pain cuz of the cramped engine bay and my large hands. had a female been there it woulda been easier but i ended up just getting my father to come out and help me since his hands are smaller. it took a bit of engenuity....or however u spell that ish
buuuuut they look great. as soon as they were in and i turned them on my father says "MAN....that looks illegal. very good.....but very illegal." however, when u turn the lo beams on the the blue is all but flushed out from the yellow OEM lights, at least until i get my silverstars in. we did end up touching the headlights but we attempted to wipe them off with vineger. we'll see what happens. either way my silverstars are only 2 weeks away. i say all that to say the LEDs look FUNKY FRESH TO DEF! but if anyone does it, take into account that even tho its an easy process its a little more time consuming than you;d think cuzza the space issues.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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