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LED dome lights

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I got these $13.00 shipped from

So that this

Would look like this

and this

And thank god, this

I'll take a night shot when it gets dark.
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on the passanger side, reach your hand behind the carpeting towards the light... you should feel the wire, then the bulb holder... twist and pull the bulb holder out, replace the bulb (make sure you put it in correctly, LED's are picky) then reinstall... takes about 40 seconds
I got my head up in the passenger well, and you can see the entire thing. Disassembly is unnecessary.
Just ordered mine today and having my shop guys put it in for me when it comes in. Can't wait to get it in.
umm... is it just me, or do the bulb #'s you refer to arent listed on the site?

i cant find 194, 74, or 3022 anywhere on the site for purchase....
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In the Search field search for:

WLED 4-LED bulb
3022-4 LED Festoon bulb
74 Wedge Base LED bulb

Thanks for reviving the thread.... I just ordered 'em for myself!
ty for that info... ill be ordering some when my next paycheck rolls in...
I just received the LED's today - Put 2 on (the door lights - front and rear). Having trouble getting the 2 map light bulbs out. I'll get a rubberized griper at home tonight.
hey i just got mine yesterday and my friend tried to install the dome center light but popped the socket back in does anyone know how to fix it thanks...also does anyone have pics on installin the cubby?
nice dome lights

i did the same before for my 99 civic and I forgot to turn if off, after 2+hours it melted part of the inside of the dome where the blue lights were at..i hope those lights doesnt become HOT as the ones I got.
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cool i'm bookmarking this thread and coming back when i actually get the car first
Bumping this thread again...

Just wondering if anyone had anything to add about these LED's once they've had them installed and in use for a while. Any trouble out of them? Like... burned out within a few days or melted your light covers or anything like that?

I mainly just want to get a blue light there in the cubby... the yellow-ish that's in there just makes me angry.
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No probs here except that i lost the blue cubby led i had somewhere behind the console.
Doh! Did you fumble it, or did it fall out on it's own and get lost?
Fumbled... i pulled the plug out to look and it fell out somewhere.
Ahh.. that sucks. At least it was a fairly inexpensive bulb.

I think I may order some of these LED's. I'm not sure how I'll like the dome lights, but I definitely want to replace that cubby light. And swapping out bulbs seems like something even I can't fubar (unless I fumble as well lol).
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Nope. Nothing to fubar unless you somehow crush the OEM bulbs, or turn 'em.
I just ordered some myself. I <3 cheap mods.
I've had mine goin strong for about a year now. I also put some white 194s on the license plate. I have busted 2 74 cubby lights but just sent me new ones without question. The last one they sent me looks like a different design and seems to be holding up much better.
That's great... sounds like they're good quality products and a good company. Takes a lot of the worry out of it for me.
Thanks for the posts, everyone.
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Hey think you can get some pictures of your license plate lights. Just want to see how bright it is...

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